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Contemplation - What Creates Healing?

What exactly IS true healing? What creates it? How come some people tend to heal easier than others? Let's explore this topic a little deeper. ALL healing is your bodies way of eliminating a negative influence that is bringing your health down. Sounds simple, right?

First we start with the physical body. It is important to eliminate toxins, microbes, virus's, yeast, parasites, and bacteria. They all have a negative affect. We also need to supply the body with all the right building blocks, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. so it can function properly and perform at it's best. Using natural therapies to rebalance the hormones and neurotransmitters is also important, as well as strengthening the immune system and reducing the effects of oxidative stress damaging the body. This is the foundation where we need to start.

Underneath every physical ailment is an emotional issue as well. Resolve the emotional issue and you heal the physical ailment, right? Many negative emotions have a detrimental impact on our health. Think of anger, resentments, blame, shame, fear, grief, emotional trauma's, and more. They can get trapped in our cellular memory impacting our health for many years to come if not resolved. What happens when we release these blocked emotions? Healthy positive emotions can flourish, like love, joy, happiness, compassion, and more.

Under every emotional issue know to humanity is a mental block. Resolve the mental block and you heal the emotional issue. How many times do we find ourselves locked into our beliefs and fears? Do you believe you can't do something, you are not smart enough, or good enough? Do you believe that you have ALWAYS been a certain way and cannot change that? Do you believe the your genetics rule whether you get a disease or not and you have no influence? I hear people's limitations all the time. Can we shift that thinking? Of course. How would your life be if you did not have that belief, if it didn't exist for you? We can free up the restraints we put on ourselves.

Underneath every mental block is an intuitive error. Are we listening to our inner instincts? Our intuition? Our gut feelings? When we go along with what society dictates, we no longer are deciding for ourselves and get trapped in wrong thinking. What if we actually have an 'inner guidance system' that supports us? We do! Every day we need to learn to quiet the busy active mind and quiet our thoughts to listen to our 'feelings'! Correct our intuitive error and you resolve the mental block.

Under every Intuitive error is a Spiritual disconnection. This disconnect happens when we separate ourselves from the Divine. All spiritual disconnections are real. Everything else is a symptom. ALL healing is spiritual healing. All physical ailments, emotional issues, mental blocks, and intuitive errors are symptoms telling us that we have disconnected ourselves from the Diving within and around us.

What if ALL healing comes down to increasing our vibration? Letting go of any negative influences bringing us down, and turning our challenges around allows our deeper Soul level virtues can emerge. What if in this lifetime you are learning to increase your compassion for others? Or learning the gift of true forgiveness? Or learning to transform grief into joy? What are the true gifts and virtues that are trying to emerge within you? What is your Soul trying to master?

Please don't stop at just eating better and taking the right supplements! They are certainly important to strengthen your foundation and keep your physical body strong, But do go deeper and continue your process. My work starts with the foundation, but I truly value helping people heal on deeper levels than can transform their health and their lives! Expand your awareness of yourself, look at the big picture, see the whole point of why you are here. Wouldn't you prefer to THRIVE? All diseases have lower vibrating energy tapped within our bodies that are trying to correct themselves to rebalance.

Discover your innate healing ability within. These are the healing principles of the Modern Essenes and pertain to every single one of us on this planet. Let us guide you through EVERY level and layer so your true, unlimited potential can emerge and radiate! It is truly a natural process. Your body cannot help but respond when we determine and eliminate any and all limitations and negative influences. These things can get trapped in our DNA and even carried over from previous lifetimes for the healing to be completed. Your body also has memory of being brilliant, healthy, energetic, abundant, and unlimited. This is my true passion for helping people through their healing journey.


Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Iridologist and certified Intuitive Healer with practice in Asheville, NC. She works with people from all over the country by phone as well. You can find out more info, or contact her at or call 828-777-5263.

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