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Transformational Health Addresses Six Essential Areas!

How is your life going? Have you been dealing with a health challenge for a long time, not seeming to get real results? Perhaps you are taking a bunch of supplements, or even medications, but things are not shifting? Feeling stuck with situations in your life, happening over and over? Have you had chronic physical or emotional pain? Who do you turn to for support and help? Who truly understands your needs and can help you see through the jungle of information?

Perhaps you are ready for REAL change. Did you know that EVERY health condition doesn't just effect our physical body but has it's roots in our emotional body, thought patterns, our family history of patterns that have been passed down, even our consciousness? We ALL come into this lifetime with challenges to go through as well as vibrational patterns from our ancestry that need attention and healing. That's part of life. Many people try to do what is best and find out what vitamins and supplements might help them.

First of all, we have to take care of our physical form - our bodies! We look for the underlying imbalances and correct any nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, weakness of organs or immune system, digestion, and more. But TRUE health doesn't stop there! We need to assist the 'WHOLE body'.

The second area is to address the feelings, emotions, and sensations. As we look into our feelings, we recognize that they have their origins in our sensations and are connected to our emotions. Have you ever had recurring emotions that seem to keep repeating patterns in your life? EVERY physical health condtion has a chronic emotional component that needs to be addressed.

The third area encompasses our perceptions and beliefs. How do you see things? What are your beliefs about yourself? Your health? Your life? Love? Money? Your worthiness? They all matter. We have judgments and concepts conditioned by our lives as to HOW things should be, or how WE should be, or how life works (or doesn't work) for us. Because they are conditioned by our past experiences, they bias what we are seeing and causes us to react in helpful or unhelpful ways.

The fourth area is about our mental formations - our thoughts, images, self-talk, or mental chatter. Our mental pictures of the future, combined with intention and will, determine our activities and results in those actitivities, that may or may not be to our liking. The seeds, the potential for each of these mental formations, resides deep in our subconscious. When these seeds are watered by sensory input, by our emotions, or thoughts, they sprout and arise into the higher levels of our consciousness where we become aware of them.

The fifth area is about increasing our vibration and our energy. Did you know that we all have a particular vibrational frequency? What's in YOUR energy field? How can you shift it or increase it? Your energy field extends all around you. It is constantly giving information about you, even when you say nothing. EVERYTHING is Energy!

Are you vibrating at a higher level stemming from love, compassion, integrity, joy and peacefulness? Or do you have some lower vibrating energies like shame, guilt, insecurity, fear, blame, or judgments permeating your field? Are there things you do in life that DRAIN your energy? You'll learn how you can increase your vibration and your energy! ALL healing is truly about increasing our vibrational integrity!

The sixth area is consciousness itself. This encompasses both an awareness of the other four areas, and the deep consciousness within each of us, as seeds or potentials. When a seed is watered - by us or someone or something outside of us, it will spring into consciousness. For this reason we must continually strive to be aware of which seeds are being watered. What are we giving our attention to? Are we giving it life? Becoming attuned to this process means that we are able to take notice as feelings, perceptions, beliefs, and mental formations arise, and this enables us to choose whether to put more energy into them, or simply let them go...completely.

Sounds complicated? It is and it isn't. When we learn to look deeply we can see that all experience has these components and ultimately affects our health and well being! All five areas are linked and are constantly shifting and moving through us. Such is the flow of life. None if it is permanent. They are temporary phenomena that arise and dissipate. Normally when we are busy, we don't notice these subtleties. When we are paying attention, they arise, are observed, and then can easily pass. 90% of what is happening to us is held in our subconscious. Our mind only knows 10% of what is happening. When we bring things into our conscious awareness, THAT is the moment of power. We can then CHOOSE what to do with them.

Perhaps we all need a guide at times to assist us in delving deeper into all five areas to address seemingly fixed patterns. To see this is to become mindful. This is what it means to pay attention - we expand our experience to study, understand and appreciate the intricacies within. This is why I am now offering my services as a Transformational Health Coach - It is greatly needed!

This is a combination of Life coaching and Health Coaching, taking us deeper into the nature of our suffering, finding the components that need attention or shifting, and allowing healing to happen on ALL levels for TRUE healing to take place. First of all, we'll support our physical body to be sure it is getting everything it needs to thrive. It may be a change in food, water, exercise, oxygen, nutrients, etc. Self-care is equivalent to self-LOVE! We'll also look into our aversions, attachments, resistances, and stuck emotions to see what is helping or hindering us, and learn to release them. Old wounds are held in our cellular memories until we bring them to the surface for release.

We can even support our mental capacities to change the 'grooves' we've become accustomed to and create new seeds of thought patterns that support our every sense of being! We put much of our life energy into pursuing our attachments and seeking to avoid our aversions, yet all that expense of energy doesn't guarantee happiness. These are at the root of our suffering.

People committed to a path of health can use mindfulness, working toward noticing and accepting these subtle phenomena. It is simply helpful to become aware of them and how they influence our actions, our happiness, and our health. Being supported, encouraged, and gently guided is essential in our path to real healing.

If you are ready to take that journey, see the choices that are available to you through my Transformational Health Coaching program. THIS is the work I came here to do! I get to access all of my 25 years of skills and training in the fields of natural health, consciousness and belief management, deep intuitive and spiritual healing work, and mindfulness training. As a 'guide' you will feel supported, understood, encouraged, educated, and cared for in many ways. We can work together weekly or bi-weekly to go through this transformational program. For some, three months is all it takes to truly 'shift' and heal things. For others with issues that are deeply rooted and have been going on for many years, it may take up to 6 or 9 months, but shift and heal it will! Are you READY to take the challenge?

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, Certified Intuitive and Spiritual Healer, and licensed Avatar Master, trained in belief management and consciousness skills. She is based in Asheville, NC. Visit her website at for more information.

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