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What's In Your Energy Field?

Did you know that your emotional health effects your physical health? And visa versa... Everything is connected! You cannot separate the layers of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. So how well do you take care of yourself?

Perhaps you are needing a TOTAL check up on ALL levels to see how well you are doing....or what needs to change. Are you taking care of your physical self? Eating well? Getting plenty of rest? Drinking plenty of water? Sunshine and exercise?

Are you feeling emotionally supported? Do you support YOURSELF? Do you take time to relax and rebalance after an upset? Are you able to process things well? Are you physically supported, or feeling aches and pains?

How about toxicity? Are physical and even emotional toxins getting you down? How about negative mental habits? Yes, it all affects your energy field, inside and out! Is it time for a cleanse?

How about strengthening? How's your immune system? Your hormonal balance? Your elimination? Your sense of self? Do you create healthy Boundaries? Some things to think about here.

How acidic or irritable are you? Negative emotions can create an acidic environment in the body. Not good! Poor health thrives in acidic tissue.

Do you need an overhaul? How about starting with a Comprehensive Health Analysis? Easy to do. Let's get CLEAR on what your body is looking for.

Try an amazing LIGHT THERAPY session! Absolutely EVERYTHING improves after using light therapy. Using the Vital Scan HRV test, we can test your before and after results! Very interesting. I challenge you to come try it out for yourself!


That's a 33% savings! Visit our website for more info on how to improve YOUR health and vitality!

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Jane Smolnik, ND, is a Naturopathic Doctor and an Iridologist with a private practice in Aaheville, NC. She is the owner of and and enjoys teaching and working with people from all over. Please visit her websites for more info.

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