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So, Are You Ready To Detox? What to Expect...

Perhaps you've been thinking about doing a detox, and hearing all the reasons WHY you really should. What do you do next? Fall is one of the BEST times to detox (as well as Spring). Order our easy 3 Step Detox Program and I'll explain what you can expect and

Try Our 3 Step Easy Detox!

These three easy to use and affordable, yet effective items will give your body ALL the nourishing building blocks it needs to repair and rebuild, eliminate free-radicals and build your immune system. Plus cleanse your organs and colon, as well as eliminate parastes and candida!

What Do I Need to Change?

You do NOT have to create a drastic change to your diet, or daily routine. Simply start by avoiding sugars and processed foods, as well as deep fried foods. Eat lots of fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and healthy proteins. Plus drink LOTS of fresh, filtered water. What could be easier? You'll feel better!

WHAT TO EXPECT.... When you start your 90 day program, start by taking 2 of your ParaShield tablets first thing in the morning - that's when YOU are the hungriest, and so are your parasites! Plus take 2 caps of your Cleanse 1 - Organ detox and drink water. Wait about 30-60 mintues before you eat breakfast and take your Liquid Vitamin/Minerals in a glass of water. Eat healthy during the day.

Then before bed, take two more of the ParaShield, and 1 or 2 of the Cleanse 2 - Colon Detox with a glass of water. Everyone's bowels are different, so start with 1 for a few days and see how your bowels respond. Then increase to 2 beofre bed. WHat you want to expect is that you are eliminating more easily, at least 2-3, maybe 4 times a day. It should be soft and well formed. IF it is watery, then decrease by 1 the colon cleanse. If you tend towards constipation, then increase by 1 until you find you comfortable level.

IMPORTANT - When people start cleansing out impacted fecal matter that's built up on the colon wall, as well as killing off parasites SOMETIMES you can get a little 'traffic jam' for the first 2-3 weeks. If this happens, drink more water and increase your Colon cleanse by 1 until you are eliminating more efficiently. Or take extra Magnesium! Your stools may be darker, blacker, and even more smelly as you cleanse out old toxins!

You MIGHT even see some parasites, but most of them are microscopic. The larger ones may take longer to eliminate, that 's why I always suggest 90 full days! They may look like little white rice (liver or pancreatic flukes), or thread, pin worms, round worms, even tape worms, but don't worry. By the time they release they are already dead! Just be grateful!

You should NOT have many detox symptoms If you are eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and taking your liquid vitamins. During the 90 day period, you may also be detoxing OLD EMOTIONS, pains, and ailments, that accumulated over the years from the time you were little up till now, but they release in reverse order! This may be an occasional symptom of something you had years ago that was supporessed and stored in your body. It is usually very short lived. So look at it as 'peaks and valleys' when you embark on a truly good cleanse!

After 90 days, I guarantee you will feel MUCH better, perhaps release allergies, food intolerances, aches and pains, sinus infections, cravings for sugar, loose weight, and so much more! It will be one of the BEST things you can do for your health! So get started NOW! Get rid of the build up of chemicals and toxins, yeast and parasites, and nourish you body! Your immune system will be stronger than ever, AND you may be avoiding getting some serious conditions down the road!

Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic doctor and Iridologist with over 30 years experience and a private practice in Asheville, NC. She is the owner of and She enjoys teaching and working with people from all over. Please visit her websites for more info.

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