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Become a V.I.P. Member!

   WHY become a VIP member?


      Receive Health Consultations, Inspiration, BENEFITS and SAVINGS!   


  • Affordable access to your own professional Naturopathic Health Coach!

  • Have someone to turn to, ask questions, test for you, educate and inspire you.  Save money!  Don't just GUESS which supplements you need!

  • Members get special discount on ALL Health Services with Dr. Jane year round!  

  • Have access to certain supplements that can ONLY be purchased when you are working with a N.D. (Member only access)  Now includes EMF Protection!

  • Members get 10% discount on ALL professional grade vitamins, supplements, essential oils, and more - over 400 products!  Plus always FREE 2-day shipping! ($9.99 value)

  • Join a Live Conference Call monthly with Dr. Jane for engaging, inspiring, interactive discussions!  (recordings are also available)

  • 24/7 Access to our Health Library full of Dr. Jane's hand-outs, e-books, herbal and nutritional information, audio's of calls, and educational webinars!

  • Enjoy password protected 'Members Only' pages. Just added several new webinars and audio's! (and over 50 health documents!)

  • Learn detailed info about herbs, nutrients, and supplements that I can only share with paid members.  

  • Get regular FREE e-books to keep you healthy and inspired!

  • FREE webinars to learn more about improving YOUR health!

  • Join forums to ask questions, share with others, learn, feel supported.

  • $10 monthly fee includes ALL V.I.P. Benefits!

  • You'll LOVE working with and learning from Dr. Jane!                                 


Join today! Sign up BELOW!


   * Please note:  This does NOT replace proper medical care.  I do not diagnose, prescribe, or claim to treat or cure any disease.  This is to educate and support you in making healthy, informed choices to help your body rebalance and restore good health.  Please seek proper medical care whenever needed.

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