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As you begin to use flower essence remedies, you will be embarking on an exciting

adventure of self-discovery and self-healing which will enable you to understand yourself,

why you think and act in cetain ways.  As the remedies get to work, your self-awareness

will continue to grow, bringing with it a new freedom to do whatever you wish in life. 


All of our essences are hand made in small batches from wildflowers, gardens, meadows,


and shrubs from around the world.   Some of our collections, such as the Higher Spectral

Color Essences, and Venus Flower and Gem essences, were guided through a process

connecting with benevolent beings of light!  We blend intuition and guidance from the Nature

Spirits with scientific methodology to prepare the essences and

glean information about the healing properties of each flower. 


How do Flower Essences Work?


When our electrical or 'energy' system becomes overloaded or short circuits (due to stress, injury, illness, emotional upsets, etc.) we become unbalanced and unhealthy, either physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, or in any combination. 


Flower Essenecs can quickly restore our energy flow or energy system so that balance and health can be restored and stabilized as you continue to take them while you are healing.  It may have taken many years for negative patterns, deeply ingrained emtional states, limiting beliefs, and physical ailments to become part of your life, so don't expect them to go away overnight.  You may often experience a subtle, yet profound shift fairly quickly, but continuing to take the essences will stabilize the energy pattern until it has become integrated.  Self-healing is a gradual process so it is important to be patient and consistent.  


As you use Flower Essences it is natural for your connection with your 'higher self' to strengthen and make you maore aware of what symptoms are telling you.  Pay attention!


How Do I Use Them?


Two or three drops can be taken under the tongue, on the wrists, in a beverage or water bottle, on the skin, or in the bath several times a day, or as often as desired. 


It is not possible to take an overdose, nor are there any contra-indications as they are vibrational in nature.  They cannot be neutralized by other substances and may be used to supplement any other treatments.  They are completely safe and very effective for children, even infants, and also pets!

Using Flower Remedies

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