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Using Bioresonant Frequencies

The use of natural energetic frequencies is the wave of the future!

For those of you who know me, I have been working with and teaching about using Frequencies for Healing for a very long time! I have tried numerous patches and so far THESE patches are the ones I totally stand behind! You can FEEL the difference right away! It's ALL about Frequencies!


They are Simple... Effective...Empowering! LYN (LIVE YOUNGER NOW)  Frequency iPatches put your wellbeing into your hands by offering a wide array of affordable, easy-to-use homeopathic patches. Give your body and mind the support they need and thrive on your terms.

With our 5 Exclusive LYN Frequency iPatches, you will find one or more that meets your needs. Each iPatch below also has our exclusive reverse aging iHeRQles frequency in each one:


  1. iHeRQles + Stress and Anxiety

  2. iHeRQles + Joint Pain

  3. iHeRQles + Energy

  4. iHeRQles + Pain and Inflammation

  5. iHeRQles + iXLR8 + Weight Loss and Appetite Suppressant

Your body can now be bathed in natural sub harmonic frequencies 24/7 and will be able to naturally restore, rejuvenate, and revive!

WHY Do You Need the LYN Frequency Patches?

Because the era we live in can be very toxic and we are bombarded with a multitude of frequencies daily. These negative frequencies interrupt the signals in your brain trying to send messages (and energy) to all parts of your body. This pollution is referred to as EMF (Electro-magnetic fields). These are caused by cell phones, microwaves, power lines, the most invasive of which is In Home Wifi, all of which we call Electronic chatter.


This is why we are weaker, unbalanced and more fatigued than we should be.The patches help restore balance by assisting in repairing weakened frequencies in a non-invasive way. These iPatches emit sub-harmonic frequencies, initiating a self-healing process and enhancing cellular signaling for the body’s natural healing ability.

How Does it Work?

When you use our frequency technology you are now able to resonate with the same frequency imprinted in the iPatch. Your body is bathed in natural sub harmonic frequencies 24/7 and is able to naturally restore, rejuvenate, and revive. Thus the body has been shown to operate more efficiently with improved signaling of the cells.


As a result, people have experienced reduced or eliminated body pain, overall balance and well being, increased energy, and less stress. This will allow your body to naturally return to homeostasis. When the frequency technology comes into contact with your skin, through the water in your body, you are now resonating the same as the earth's frequency, which is 7.83 Hz.


Thus the body has been shown to operate more efficiently with improved signaling of the cells.This will allow your body to completely ignore the thousands of EMF frequencies and let them pass through harmlessly. This is what we call the grounding effect, thus grounding out these invasive electronic chatter.

ipatches-Weight loss.jpg
Learn About This Technology!

Our focus encompasses stem cell therapy with no side effects using plant technology studied by an European science team for 50 years. Our proven methods of combined partial extracts of quantum nutrition (plants that are food to the body) allow inside-out and outside-in transformation for corpus novus (a new body). By stimulating new stem cells, one begins to elevate the amount of new stem cell activity counteracting the old age dying cells (reverse biological aging). Science has already established and well documented that nutrition is the key to enhancing the blood and therefore one’s life. This quantum nutrition that stimulates stem cell activity is the new direction for a chance at a longer life. Through many tests and studies, the chance at a longer life stems from three main components: (1) open and clean veins, (2) open and clean arteries, and (3) open and clean lymph nodes (lymphatic system) to fight infection and diseases more efficiently. Continuous and consistent daily use is necessary to create the environment of stimulating new stem cell activity.

iHeRQles and iRevive are extremely exclusive and highly engineered, computer driven technology products gleaning five Nobel prizes in Science with research and development dating back to WWI.

Using PEC technology (partial extract combinations) which involves 40 identified plants that are good for the body, this secret formula has been designed. At 1:150 million ratio of variables, iHeRQles and iRevive are very secure and safe from reverse engineering.

Watch this short but inspiring video to learn what is in them and how effective they are!
I've tried numerous ones too.

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