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Combinations and Personalized Formulas

To embark on a powerful, personal journey of healing, shifitng, releasing, balancing, and renewal, I highly recommend having your own specific formula personally chosen and created for you from our collection of 250 essences!  Times of transition and change in our lives is the perfect time to do this as personal growth can take giant leaps, if we don't get stuck in old patterns for safety.  You may have a very personal combination dowsed and prepared for you anytime.   The results can be profound, yet always subtle and beneficial every time!


For complete, deeper, and lasting healing, it is recommended to have your personalized formula done every 2-4 weeks for several months.  It will continue to change as the deeper levels of old ingrained patterns release and shift, like peeling away many layers to expose the core.  The essences will help you balance, integrate and stabilize a new, clearer energy.  This can help us with physical challenges, as well as emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, blocks, and mental patterns that can keep us stuck.   Please call for details.

16 Popular Combinations:

Immediate Rescue! -For Fears, Crisis, Trauma, Nightmares. St. Johnswort, Lily, Red Clover, Tomato, Chamomile, Daisy, Yarrow, Echinacea, Quaking Aspen. Cowkicks, Violet Butterfly.


Depression and Sadness - For Rebalancing and Reconnecting.  Cucumber, Heal-All, Zinnia, Borage, Tomato, Pink Yarrow, Witch Hazel, Star Flower, Chamomile, Yellow Cone Flower.


Prosperity and Abundance - Opening to receive and enjoy!  Buttercup, Goldthread, Gaywings, Yucca, Dogwood, Dwarf Ginseng, Wild Rose, Wild Azalea, Lily of the Valley, Blue Leschenaultia.


Changes and Inner Growth - For wisdom, Awareness, and Trust.  Red Cedar, Eastern Hemlock, Sage, Mallow, Scots Pine, White Pine, Delphinium, Lavender, St. Johnswort.


Expression of True Self - Find power in your True Potential! Mullein, Violet, Broccoli, Lavender, Delphinium, Heal-All, Columbine, Goldenrod, Painted Trillium, Fuscia Grevillea.


Mental Clarity and Focus - Be Sharp, Alert, Stay Focused!  Peppermint, Nasturtium, Daisy, Tansy, Yucca, Tomato, Chamomile, Arrowwood, Shasta Daisy, Antisepctic Bush.


Overcoming Addictions - For Courage, Power & Victory! Tomato, Broccoli, Zucchini, Yellow Yarrow, Red Clover, White Pine, Bloodroot, Witch Hazel, Blue China Orchid.


Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD - For Protection and Strength!  Black-eyed Susan, Purple Clematis, Valerian, Goldenrod, Bloodroot, Echinacea, Elder, Red Clover, Broccoli, Dampiera.

Stop STRESS & Lighten Up!  Let go, Relax, Trust, and Enjoy Life!  Anemone, Buttercup, Chamomile, Dwarf Ginseng, Hobblebush, Foxglove, Sage, Valerian, Lilly of the Valley, Menzies Bansia.

Illness / Injury Recovery - For strength, Support, and Healing.  Zucchini, Echinacea, Broccoli, Tomato, Pansy, Pink Yarrow, Nasturtium, Anemone, Reed Triggerplant.


Inner Peace and Meditating - For Harmony, Calm, Open to Receive.  Chamomile, Lavender, Red Clover, Nasturtium, Scots Pine, Beech Plum, Hemlock, Spiderwort, Delphinium, Hops Bush.


Creativity and Inspiration - To Access Your Deeper Creative Powers!  Iris, Uva Ursi, Wild Azalea, Daisy, Black Birch, Columbine, Violet, Witch Hazel, Tomato, Tansy, Star of Bethlehem.


Love, Joy and Appreciation - For a Joyful Heart and Inner Radiance!  Goldthread, Hollyhock, Sassafrass, Wisteria, Barberry, Mullein, Wild Rose, Zinnia, Black Birch, Mauve Melaleuca.


Spirituality and Guidance - To Increase Intuition and Awareness!  Spiderwort, Comfrey, Lavender, Daisy, Indian Pipe, Beach Plum, Eastern Hemlock, Shasta Daisy, St. Johnswort, One sided-bottlebrush.


Healing the Inner Child - To Heal Old Wounds and Restore joy!  Zinnia, Bloodroot, Clematis, Violet, Nasturtium, Buttercup, Black-eyed Susan, Confry, Yellow Yarrow, Cape Bluebell. 


Indecision and Self-Doubt - For Centeredness, Confidence, Self-Trust.  Tansy, Heal-All, Columbine, Tomato, Daisy, Lavender, Mountain Laurel, Red Clover, Veronica, Foxglove, Birch, Yellow Coneflower. 



Ultimate Healing Collection incudes:


'Crystal Garden' Essences - 72 garden, wildflower, woodland, tree, shrub flowers.


'Living Essences' - 88 essences from the pristine outback of Australia!


'Perelandra' Essences - 24 Old Fashioned Rose essences.


'Soul Ray' Essences - 8 deeply stabilizing essences from Perelandra.


'Higher Spectral Color' Essences - 24 vibrational color essences channeled from the Pleiadians, expanding to higher states.


Venus Flower and Gem - 6 essences specifically chosen for interesting results.


Fugus, Bacterial, Virus - 6 in all to assist us in integrating a healthy balance within the body. 


Hawaiian Orchid - 1 very special essence made atop a high remote waterfall!


Combination Formulas - 16 everyday formulas, excellent for every household.


Chakra Essences - 7 powerful chakra combinations to open and balance.


Jane Smolnik has been making and using flower essences for over 20 years.  She is highly skilled at intuitive analysis and dowsing, connecting with your personal Guides, Angels, Masters, and Higher Self to discover a very specific formula needed for each individual at any given time.  They are always sublte, yet profound in the shifts they create to heal on very DEEP levels!


Flower Remedies do not interfere with any medications, or anything else you may be doing.  Safe for children as well as pets.


For a Flower Infinity Diagnosis and personalized formula, please contact  828-777-5263 for more info.

All Combination Essenses are $20. for a long lasting 1 oz. Cobalt Blue dropper bottle (not 1/2 oz. bottle like many others!).  

Choose any 5 for $90.  or a set of 10 for $160.  Great for every household, even children and pets.  Please call to order. 


Personalized Formula's - Dr. Jane will dowse the entire collectin and create a formula with 10 essences specifically for you!  $40. per bottle.

Whether Combinations above or Specific formula's, you will receive papers with the definition of what each flower does in that formula, plus how to use them. 


CHAKRA Essences will be posted soon!  Check back.  Thank you. 

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