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Holistic Health Services for Re-balancing the Body  

A personal consultation with Naturopath and Holistic Iridologist Jane Smolnik is compassionate, insightful, and inspiring!  We start with a BioChemistry Health Questionnaire to assess what your symptoms are telling us, then I listen to all your concerns and your history.  As I do your health analysis I will look at all aspects of diet and lifestyle, emotional trauma's, injuries, personal and genetic influences to ascertain the most advantageous natural health plan and advice for each person. Everyone's bodies and needs are different!


Usually short-term advice is suggested followed by a longer-term plan of preventative action.  For complex issues it is recommended to work with the practitioner for 3-6 months to allow the body time to detoxify, rebalance, strengthen, release genetic blocks or patterns, and restore your health and vitality. 

Check out my webinar to see exactly what we can determine in YOUR health assessment, and WHY it is so important.  Then you can decide between the choices below!

At the end of the consultation Jane will provide you with a recommended natural health program based on your individual requirements, and her extensive ongoing training and experience. The advice may include information on herbals, nutritional supplements, glandulars, flower essences, or other natural therapeutic protocols.   Nutritional requirements and dietary suggestions involving foods to include or avoid within your diet, fluid intake, exercise patterns, stress reduction, emotional issues or other supportive therapies will be included in your health program. You will receive a personalized Health Folder complete with all your information included. A 30 day follow-up appointment will be set to review your results and next course of action.

Please Call 828-777-5263 for a FREE 15 minute Phone Call!

You have Choices for your initial Health Analysis

PLEASE NOTE: I am opening up Comprehensive Health Analysis with Iridology again!

Due to Covid restrictions I have been working with folks by Phone or Zoom.  I cannot wear a mask for extended periods of time in the office..

Right now PLEASE CALL to set an appointment for these services as I am now sharing an office, and doing phone appointments. Times are limited! Please call 828-777-JANE (5263)

1. Comprehensive Health Analysis - in office, 2 hr. 30 min.

This in-depth health analysis is the most popular. It includes the Bio-Chemistry Health Questionnaire, the Vital Scan HRV test.a detailed Holistic Iridology and Sclerology analysis (of the eyes) to determine your genetic strengths and influences, levels of toxicity, digestion, endocrine weaknesses, and so much more (see details below). We may then utilize clinical or meridian kinesiology to determine the right course of action and natural therapies for your specific health concerns.  It will all be compassionately explained. After this 2 hours + detailed health analysis, you will understand exactly what your body needs to THRIVE and restore optimal health!  This can save you much time and money and restore your vitality. This is an invaluable service for natural, preventive care!    (suggested to be done annually)    NOTE: For LONG DISTANCE Iridology, please click here. 

2. 90 min. Health Analysis ~ in Office, Online ZOOM Meeting, or by Phone

You will fill out the Bio-Chemistry Health Questionnaire 24 hours before so I can review your intake and prepare. We will discuss your health concerns, lifestyle, diet, stresses, trauma's, etc. In-office we will include the Vital Scan HRV Test which will reveal how stress is affecting many aspects of your health, cardio, nervous system, neurotransmitters, mineral/hormonal imbalances, etc. (see details below)  I will utilized Clinical or Meridian Kinesiology to determine the right course of action for your needs and develop your personal natural health program.                    

(Note:  this does not include Iridology/Sclerology Analysis, but you can add  later if you choose)

For complex issues, we recommend you work with the practitioner for 3 - 6 months to allow the body to detoxify, rebalance hormones and endocrine system, strengthen digestion and immune systems, release cellular patterns and blocks, etc.  You will be asked to return in 30 days to follow-up, go over your progress and needs, and adjust your program.

Credit Cards, Checks, or Paypal are accepted.  Please allow at least 24 hours ahead if you need to cancel or reschedule or you will be charged 1/2 price for the time you reserved.  Thanks for understanding. 

This is an invaluable service for those seeking natural preventive healthcare!

Comp. Health Video

As these evaluations are made and understood, proper corrective measures can be discussed and applied. The body can then more easily adjust and alleviate the abnormal stress or weakness resulting in a greater degree of health and avoiding any threatening disease.

      This is invaluable for natural, preventive healthcare!

What's in a Comprehensive Health Analysis?

This is MUCH different than an annual exam by your doctor!  

What does the Vital Scan HRV Test show?


  1.  how are stress hormones affecting your health? Your cortisol to DHEA levels?

  2. is your para-sympathetic/sympathetic nervous system in balance, or imbalance?

  3.  what’s your biological aging and what do you need to regain vitality?

  4. how are your insulin levels? 

  5. what are your mineral and hormonal balances showing?

  6. brain inflammation and/or toxicity?

  7. psycho-emotional health

  8. your self-healing potential - immune system strength

  9. brainwaves patterns - is your brain exhausted?

  10. how about your hormonal health?  how’s your sex drive?

  11. how are your meridians flowing?  where are they deficient or in excess? 

  12. are your Chakra’s or energy centers strong?  

  13. how are your endurance levels?  Any inflammation in the body? 

  14. how are your neurotransmitters?  Need improving to feel more balanced, less tension, anxiety, better sleep?

  15. how stress is affecting your autonomic nervous system and overall health?

What Iridology and Sclerology (analysis of the eyes) tells us:

  1.  the state of health and the strength or weakness of your organs and tissues?

  2.  what are YOUR genetic influences… and what do they mean? 

  3.  your endocrine health - adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal, pancreas, ovaries, testes? 

  4.  stomach and digestive, how are your gastric juices and ability to digest well? 

  5.  how well you are assimilating your minerals, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium?

  6.  your intestinal toxicity, pockets, prolapse, strictures, spasms, warning signs?

  7.  your cardio health - arterial plaque or fatty build-up?  are you at risk for CVD?

  8.   how’s your immune system?  is it compromised, weak, need help?

  9.  do you have parasites, yeast, fungus, viral infection pockets, or mold?

  10.  is there drug embedment in any organs, or toxins?

  11.  do you have any tumors or encapsulations forming?

  12.   the health of pancreas, and pancreatic enzymes?

  13.  are you loosing calcium?  What can you do about that? 

  14.  do you have an over-acid body pH? mucous build-up? lymphatic congestion?

  15.  how’s your blood/brain barrier? are you getting blood and nutrients across well?

  16. do you have any predispositions that can be avoided if corrections are made?

  17. Current pathology, levels of congestion, primary areas of concern, etc.

Note: With these forms of indepth analysis, we can avoid adding expensive blood, hair, and urine analysis.


What is a Naturopath?  Click here to find out.

   Please call 828-777-5263 or click the BOOK NOW button to schedule

a FREE 15-20  minute phone call to see what service is right for you.

Natural Health Analysis
Iridology, Sclerology, Iris Analysis
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