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Transformative Healing - Vibration, Frequency, and Energy!

Times have changed dramatically and WE are changing with it. 
It is time to go deeper for true and lasting healing. 

~ Supplements alone will not create the change you seek. There is SO much more!
~ Discover how you can cleanse toxins from your blood, easily and effectively.
~ Balance your hormones, improve digestion & immunity, relieve chronic pain, etc.
~ Protecting yourself from excessive EMF exposure, including the dangerous 5G,
is absolutely essential for your cells, body, and immune system to heal.  
~ Clearing your BioField of old trauma's, trapped emotions, fears, limitations, inherited and ancestral patterns, and more will change your health, and your life!
~ It's ALL about Frequencies!  Why using frequencies for healing is more effective.
Looking for What You Need to Heal on DEEPER Levels? 
Check out BioField Clearing or Intuitive Healing!

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Struggling with Your Health?

Dealing with chronic pain? A challenging illness? How's your immune system? Do you have difficult recurring life patterns? Anxiety or insomnia? Financial issues? Have a tendency for self-sabotage?  How many of us are addicted to something?  Do we limit our own success? How can we truly HEAL?


Healing is not just about what supplements, medicines, or dietary changes we need, but how can we go deeper to release all the hidden influences we have to provide true and lasting healing.

We are ALL exposed to toxins DAILY in our air, food, water, body care products, even our medicines and supplements!  Wonder why they don't work? Our BLOOD is toxic.  How can you truly heal unless you cleanse it?

We are also exposed to a tremendous amount of electro-magnetic radiation and Wi-fi, whether you know it or not. This has an impact on our cells ability to release toxins, absorb nutrients, limits intracellular communication, even our sleep, hormones, and immune systems suffer.  The body cannot repair itself!


We have blocks, trauma's, cellular memories, trapped emotions, core fears, limiting negative beliefs, blocked chakra's, ancestral and inherited patterns buried in our subconscious energy field that limit our ability to experience a healthy, happy life of joy. 


Now more than ever, we are at a time when EVERYONE is being called to clear out this old baggage!

This does not have to be a difficult process.  It is actually easier than ever!  Using Frequencies for healing is much smarter and easier than taking handfuls of supplements. 

Reducing the effects of EMF exposure and balancing the body's energy field is not difficult either.



             Jane Smolnik, ND, MH, CIH

Peoples health issues are much more complicated now than they were 20-30 years ago.  Look at how many have auto-immune conditions - thinking it is a lifetime sentence. How many are in fear of getting 'the virus'?  Did you know that you cannot even catch a cold unless your frequency is down to 59 MHz.?  Flu is 58 Mhz.  A health human body vibrates at 62-68 Mhz. (meaning million pulses per second). 
What is causing all of these chronic health issues?  What is lowering our vibration? First of all, we are bombarded daily by toxins, even in the air we breathe and the water we drink, not to mention the foods, supplements, and medicines we ingest. Our world is polluted and so are our bodies. I am tired of telling folks what supplements to use when they are not nearly as effective as they were years ago.  There's more to do if you really want to heal.
Also consider all the stress and fear everyone is under!  Everything is coming up to the surface, shadows are coming into the light, we are being called to HEAL on much deeper levels!  It is ESSENTIAL now. 
We ALL have blocked energy, hidden trauma's, trapped emotions, core fears, inherited and ancestral patterns in our DNA, and in our energy field.  It is time for us to look at WHAT has been keeping us limited?  Stuck? Why can't we achieve our true potential and live a vibrant, happy, healthy life? We actually CAN - right now.
To truly serve humanity in the best way I can, I have to help you understand WHY your health is not improving, and what you need on deeper, cellular levels. How can you eliminate the negative influences, change your vibration, your patterns, your potential, and your life?
I am focusing my practice and work on TEACHING people how to best take appropriate measures to protect your health, raise your vibration, and even improve the quality of your life! Are YOU ready?


          Good Health is a CHOICE! 


Jane Smolnik is an accomplished healer, speaker and teacher with 30 years of experience in the field of natural medicine and holistic healing. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Holistic IridologistKinesiologist, Light Therapist, and Cert. Intuitive Healer


While drawing upon her wide background of knowledge, skills, expertise and intuition, Jane uses compassion and inspiration to help her clients regain a vibrant, happy life.  You may reach her at 828-777-JANE (5263).  She works with clients worldwide by phone or online via ZOOM web meeting. 

Enjoy my welcome video!


Dr. Jane's Recent Video Replays...
Visit my Youtube channel for many more!

Enjoy these Free Webinars and PDF's for a limited time!

Super Charge Your Immune System - NOW!  
WHY Raising Your Frequency is Essential!
Activate the Vagus
Nerve to Reduce Stress!
The Powerful BioField Clearing Technique!

Holistic Health Services with Dr. Jane

Screenshot 2019-09-03 20.03.07.png

'BioField Clearing'

This is deep healing work, going all the way down to the DNA! Dr. Jane uses a simple, yet powerful technique and 18 charts to easily identify and clear old baggage, trapped emotions, traumas. blocks, core fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, addictions, or repeating inherited patterns. 

Then we determine your specific Keys to Inner Healing! Powerful and sacred work.

Releasing these blocks often result in the sudden disappearance of:

  • physical health problems,

  • chronic pains,

  • self-sabotage,

  • financial / abundance difficulties

  • relationship difficulties.

This is easily done LONG-DISTANCE by phone or Zoom!


Natural, Holistic Wellness Consultations

Are you confused about your vitamins, supplements, and even your diet?

Do you have deficiencies, imbalanced hormones?   How's your digestion? 

If you need help, consult with Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND. With over 36 years in the holistic health field, she can guide you to what is most effective for your own concerns.  After filling out a 3 page BioChemistry Health Questionnaire, we can consult by PHONE or ZOOM to determine what would help build your health, improve digestion, strengthen immune system, balance endocrine system, reduce stress response, and improve your life naturally.

60 or 90 minute sessions available.

Intuitive Healing.jpg

Intuitive Healing!

When you are dealing with chronic problems or conditions, it is usually deeply rooted in our Soul's journey. 

While changing lifestyle patterns, eating healthy, cleansing, and using natural therapies can create an excellent foundation, it is often not enough. We may need to shift underlying patterns, trauma's, and memories stored on a cellular level in our DNA, as well as re-align with our TRUE Inner Being.  This is truly holistic healing!

What I do in this phone session, with your permission, is connect with your Akashic Records (your Soul's Records), and your Guides, Masters, Loved Ones, Your 'Medical Assistant Team', and your Highest Self.  I act as a bridge to facilitate communication with you. I will ask you exactly what you want to work on so they know what you are ready to heal.

Multi-dimensional expansion.jpg

NEW! Personal 

Imagine knowing how much you have grown, and what your LOW areas are? We'll test what your specific vibrational frequency readings are for your Soul, at birth, related to your health, relationships, finances, creativity, personal growth, intuition, and more!

What percentage are you in alignment with your inner joy, integrity, clarity, divine purpose, energy purity, self-awareness, etc.

Discover what your weak areas are, and what you need to increase your vibration and frequency. Fascinating work!

Wireless technology.jpg

Reduce EMF Radiation!

Concerned about 5G???  SMART Meters?We are bombarded with Wi-fi, from our cells phones, computers, 'Alexa; Smart Meters, satellites, and now 4G and the dangerous 5G in our cities and towns. Our world is blanketed with wireless technology that is getting stronger and more detrimental to our human physiology!

It is essential now to protect your body, and energy field, to stay balanced and healthy.  What if you could use healthy, balancing Frequencies that protect you?  Holographic Frequencies can be used on your phones, computers, ALL electronics, and more.


Frequencies for Healing!

What if you could put on a Holographic Patch infused with the healing frequencies you need?  Set it an forget it! Last for days.

Used for:

  • Headaches, Migraines

  • Relief - Pain and Inflammation

  • Sleep and Anxiety

  • Burn fat and reduce weight

  • CBD - activates endocannabionoids

  • Strengthen Immune System

  • Even keep Food Fresh 50% longer!

This Innovative Award winning technology WORKS!  No toxins, nothing to ingest. Forget all those ineffective supplements.


Cleanse the Blood and 

If you wonder WHY your supplements are not working well, and you are NOT getting better, it is time to realize that your blood is filled with toxins and in need to cleaning them out!  This is something that can simply be done using a concentrated spray under your tongue daily. 


This has been formulated from the TOP 40 plants in the world and used by hundreds of doctors in Europe for over 40 years! 

Cleanse the blood and your cells, organs and tissues naturally restore a healthy balance. Simple and effective.


Top 10 Anti-Viral Herbs
Top 10 Anti-Viral Herbs Naturopathic Services, Iridology, Adrenal stress

Poor Circulation, Easily Winded?
Poor Circulation, Easily Winded?

Discover he Miracle molecule!

The 4 BIG Keys to Preventing Disease
The 4 BIG Keys to Preventing Disease
Discover HOW Light Therapy Heals
Discover HOW Light Therapy Heals Naturopathic Services, Iridology, Adrenal stress

Oxidative Stress and your Health!
Oxidative Stress and your Health!
Thyroid - Adrenal Stress Cycle
Thyroid - Adrenal Stress Cycle
Are You Glutathione Deficient?
Are You Glutathione Deficient?

Are You Glutathione Deficient?

Health Implications of Stress
Health Implications of Stress
Are you Healing or Just Dealing?
Are you Healing or Just Dealing?

BioField Clearing



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