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Struggling with Your Health?

What Are YOUR Biggest Concerns?


~ Chronic Inflammation or Joint Pain?

~ Not sleeping well? Have Insomnia?

~ How's Your Circulation? Brain Health?

~ Hormones out of balance?

~ Are you over-stressed? Fatigued?

~ Blood Sugar levels need help?

~ How's Your Digestion and Assimilation?

~ Need to Improve Your Mood?

~ Too much Anxiety, Tension, Worry?

~ Have an Auto-Immune Condition?

~ Are you Aging faster than you should?

~ Need to Balance Your Weight?

~ Libido diminished?

~ Have Stuck Patterns, Anxiety, Trauma’s?

~ Trapped Emotions and Cellular Memories?

~ Too many Toxins, High Disease Risk?

~ Need to Improve Your Diet?

Don't let things get worse!


       Jane Smolnik, ND 

Discover What Your Body Needs to Get Well and Stay Well!


Our current lifestyles tend to have high levels of chronic stress, more toxins than ever, deficient food and nutritional intake, weaker immune systems,  hormonal imbalances, and more importantly hidden micro-organisms, viral infections, heavy metals, as well as trauma's and cellular memories, which leads to disease and poor health.

Most people don't realize that imbalances in the hormones, endocrine glands and neurotransmitters can produce these symptoms. Nutrient deficiencies, as well as toxicity, contribute to health challenges and disease. Chronic stress will exacerbate the problem.  Add trauma's, memories, genetic and past life patterns, and problems will repeat until they are addressed and released.


All of this can be reversed fairly easily to allow the body

to regain homeostasis, a natural state of balance. 

The human body is magnificently designed to totally

heal itself, given the proper conditions.


Jane's passion lies in getting to the root cause and dis-covering the innate healing wisdom of the body and what is required to truly heal.


Find out your exact KEYS to healing, and even release the hidden deeper issues that accommodate chronic conditions.


              Good Health is a CHOICE! 


Jane Smolnik is an accomplished healer, speaker and teacher with 30 years of experience in the field of natural medicine and holistic healing. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Holistic IridologistKinesiologist, Light Therapist, and Cert. Intuitive Healer


While drawing upon her wide background of knowledge, skills, experience and intuition, Jane uses compassion and inspiration to help her clients regain a vibrant, happy life.  You may reach her at 828-777-JANE (5263).  She sees clients in her Asheville, NC office and long distance by phone or online via ZOOM web meeting. 

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Comprehensive Health Analysis

Naturopath Jane Smolnik utilizes Holistic Iridology, an in-depth analysis of the eyes to reveal levels of health, genetic influences, inflammation, deficiencies, toxicity, and degeneration. We also use the Vital Scan HRV test and a Bio-Chemistry Analysis to quickly uncover hormone Imbalancesand Kinesiology to fine tune your specific needs.


Dr. Jane will create a personalized protocol using nutrition and natural therapies with a holistic approach to restore balance, vitality and optimal health!


Painless, precise, and economical.

An invaluable service for preventive

and natural health care!

'BioField Clearing'

This is powerful, deep healing work! Jane uses a simple technique and 18 charts to easily identify and clear old baggage, trapped emotions, traumas. blocks, core fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, addictions, or repeating inherited patterns. 

Releasing these blocks often result in the sudden disappearance of:

  • physical health problems,

  • chronic pains,

  • self-sabotage,

  • financial / abundance difficulties

  • relationship difficulties.

This is done LONG-DISTANCE by phone!

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Quantum Light Therapy

Are you Stressed?  In Pain?  Injured? Exhausted? Poor circulation?

Relax in a Zero-gravity chair while using red, blue and infra-red LED light therapy pads with customized pulsed frequencies

for your specific needs! 

Listen to beautiful healing music, or choose Bi-neural beat programs with headphones to quickly rebalance. 

This creates a deeply relaxing, stress reducing yet energizing session which relieves pain and inflammation, increases circulation, speeds the healing process, and quickly restores your natural balance! 


Called the 'Medicine of the Future!'

Bio-Energetic Healing

Dr. Jane offers a unique and powerful HANDS-ON energy healing system from many years of experience in Advanced Bio-Energy Healing, DNA Clearing, Magnified Healing, Quantum Touch, and much more to create a deeply healing and lasting session.  

We will work directly on:

  • Removing energy blocks, cellular memories, limitations, stored stress. 

  • Strengthening organs, body systems, endocrine glands, opening meridians. Clearing and resetting the DNA, Reactivating your Youth and Vitality chromosomes, and 

  • balancing your energy field.


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Ultimate Healing Office  ~ Jane Smolnik, ND Iridologist

4 Olde Eastwood Village Blvd. Suite 207-C  (upstairs)

Asheville, NC 28803


From I-40, take exit 53-A, Rt. 74-A towards Fairview, Blue Ridge Parkway, Bat Cave

From I-240 east, take exit 9, Rt. 74-A towards Blue Ridge Pkwy., Bat Cave.

Head south on 74-A, go 1.5 miles to the 4th traffic light directly across from Ingles / CVS,

(just past Reynold’s High School)

Turn LEFT at the light, pull into Eastwood Village Plaza, you can park anywhere, there’s an extra lot to the left. Go to the main center building.

ENTER AT THE CENTER GLASS DOOR, right in between ‘Great Wall’ Chinese Restaurant, and Edward Jones Investments.

Go up the stairs and you will see our comfortable waiting area. I will be with you shortly. If my door is open, please come in.

Please Call if you have any questions. Ph: 828-777-5263



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