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Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit


Transformative Healing - Vibration, Frequency, and Energy!

Times have changed dramatically and WE are changing with it. 
It is time to go deeper for true and lasting healing. 

~ Supplements alone will not create the change you seek. There is SO much more!
I am now offering my 'ULTIMATE RESULTS COACHING' Program for those
committed to DEEPER healing on ALL Levels!

~ 'BioField Clearing' releases old trauma's, trapped emotions, fears, limitations, inherited

and ancestral patterns, and more to improve your health, and your life!
 Or discover the deep and insightful 'Intuitive Spiritual Healing' with Dr. Jane.
Connect with your Akashic Records, Guides, and Angels to answer your questions!

Now we can
Activate our own Stem Cells to repair, heal, relieve inflammation and pain,stress and anxiety, and even lose weight and restore youthfulness!
Check out our December Special!
$30 OFF Biofield Clearing!

    Join Our Next Webinar Class!
     Master Dowsing Techniques for Healing!
Learn how to master this powerful divination art!
Go way beyond just yes/no answers! Test your own organs, glands, body systems. Test effectiveness of supplements, foods, what practitioners would serve you best. Learn how to Calibrate, Troubleshooting, Accuracy, Lost items, and so much more.

Join LIVE Class Dec. 5!

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             Jane Smolnik, ND, MH, CIH

To truly serve humanity in the best way I can, I have to help you understand WHY your health is not improving, and what you need on deeper, cellular levels. How can you eliminate the negative influences, change your vibration, your patterns, your potential, and your life? This is my passion. 
I am focusing my work on COACHING, SUPPORTING, and TEACHING people how to best take appropriate measures to protect your health, raise your vibration, and improve the quality of your life.
Peoples health issues are much more complex now than they were 20-30 years ago.  Look at how many people have auto-immune conditions - thinking it is a lifetime sentence. How many are in fear of getting 'the virus'?  Did you know that you cannot even catch a cold unless your frequency is down to 59 MHz.?  Flu is 58 Mhz.  A healthy human body vibrates at 62-68 Mhz. (meaning million pulses per second). 
What is causing all of these chronic health issues?  What is lowering our vibration? First of all, we are bombarded daily by toxins, even in the air we breathe and the water we drink, not to mention the foods, supplements, and medicines we ingest. Our world is polluted and so are our bodies. Supplements  are not nearly as effective as they were years ago.  There's more to do if you really want to heal. Plus, we have excessive EMF radiation affecting our cells, limiting our ability to release toxins and getting nutrients into the cells.
We ALL have some blocked energy, hidden trauma's, trapped emotions, core fears, inherited and ancestral patterns in our DNA, and in our energy field.  It is time for us to look at WHAT has been keeping us limited?  Stuck? Why can't we achieve our true potential and live a vibrant, happy, healthy life? We actually CAN - right now. Learn about the powerful Biofield Clearing technique!
Also consider all the stress and fear everyone is under!  Everything is coming up to the surface, shadows are coming into the light, we are being called to HEAL on much deeper levels!  It is ESSENTIAL now. 
Are YOU ready? Check out our Online Classes!


                      Good Health is a CHOICE! 


Jane Smolnik is an accomplished healer, speaker and teacher with over 36 years of experience in the field of natural medicine and holistic healing. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Holistic IridologistKinesiologist, Light Therapist, and Cert. Intuitive Healer


While drawing upon her wide background of knowledge, skills, expertise and intuition, Jane uses compassion and inspiration to help her clients regain a vibrant, happy life.  You may reach her at 828-777-JANE (5263).  She works with clients worldwide by phone or online via ZOOM meetings. 

Enjoy my welcome video!

Heath Services

Holistic Health Services with Dr. Jane

5D Being.jpg

The ULTIMATE RESULTS Coaching Program!

What is REALLY the underlying cause of our health problems?  What if you could heal once and for all?

Most people don't realize that often the 'mystery illnesses' that we can't seem to recover from, actually have a mis-understood root cause. 

Our viewpoint, our beliefs and outlook, and our 'frequency,' also play a major role here. Having trapped emotions and a lower vibration makes you vulnerable to disease, as well as being very acidic. You can easily RAISE your vibration, shift the recurring things that bring you down, release chronic pain and other conditions, improve your immune system, and restore your alignment with your TRUE self!

I will work with individuals who are COMMITTED to healing on much DEEPER levels in this powerful coaching program. We will work on the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Environmental levels. Choose a 6, 12, or 24 session plan.  

The universal human being - energetic body and chakras in space.jpg

The Powerful
'BioField Clearing'

This is deep inner healing work, going all the way down to the DNA! Dr. Jane uses a simple, yet powerful technique and 24 charts to easily identify and clear old baggage, trapped emotions, traumas. blocks, core fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, addictions, or repeating inherited patterns. Once cleared, we use the Healing Charts to realign you with your Highest and True Self. Find out your specific 'Inner Healing Keys'! Always Powerful and sacred work!

Releasing these blocks often result in the sudden disappearance of:

  • physical health problems,

  • chronic pains,

  • self-sabotage,

  • financial / abundance difficulties

  • relationship difficulties.

This is done LONG-DISTANCE by phone

   DEC. SPECIAL - $30 off with code....

Intuitive Healing.jpg

'Intuitive Spiritual Healing' with Dr. Jane

When you are dealing with chronic problems or conditions, it is usually deeply rooted in our Soul's journey. 

​What I do in this phone session, with your permission, is connect with your Akashic Records (your Soul's Records), and your Guides, Angels, Masters, Loved Ones, Your 'Medical Assistant Team', and your Highest Self.  I act as a bridge to facilitate communication with you. I will ask you exactly what you want to work on, so they know what you are ready to heal. You may ask your 'Guides, Angels, or Medical Assistant Team' questions. This provides powerful and deeply insightful inner healing!

Use coupon code 'Spirit30off' to get $30 off your first session!


Want to Live Younger Now?

Because the era we live in can be very toxic and we are bombarded with a multitude of frequencies daily. These negative frequencies interrupt the signals in your brain trying to send messages (and energy) to all parts of your body. This pollution is referred to as EMF (Electro-magnetic fields).

These are caused by cell phones, microwaves, power lines, the most invasive of which is in Home Wifi, all of which we call Electronic chatter. This is why we are weaker, unbalanced and more fatigued than we should be.

These patches help restore balance by using STEM CELL Technology and assisting in repairing weakened frequencies in a non-invasive way. These effective iPatches emit sub-harmonic frequencies, initiating a self-healing process and enhancing cellular signaling for the body’s natural healing ability.



Dr. Jane's Recent Video Replays...
Visit my Youtube channel for many more!



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