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Understanding Frequencies and Safety

To understand our use of modern day frequencies is to understand harmonics. Harmonics are often derived of some multiple of a fundamental frequency. SUB- Harmonics are often used and derived from a division of the original frequency.

According to James E. Bare, D.C. in his paper ‘Understanding Our Frequencies Through Harmonic Association’ (2005), he states that “In examining some of the letters written by Dr. Rife, the proper term for an audio range frequency which is sub harmonic (exact or near exact divisor) of the fundamental frequency is a ‘Coordinative Resonance Frequency’ (CRF). All of our modern day frequency devices utilize Coordinative Resonance Frequencies in the treatment of disease.”

According to Bare’s work, Dr. Rife discovered Fundamental Frequencies by exposing particular micro organisms to his device. When a sine wave frequency was discovered that either “devitalized”, killed, or physically disrupted the organism, this was recorded as the fundamental frequency. As we utilize the power of sub-harmonics, power in each sub harmonic division diminishes by half. Modern day frequency instruments utilize square waves to create a CRF. Square waves produce harmonics which will eventually match the true resonant frequency.

CRF’s can be created and classified via several different methods. The first method is known as the octave method. Simply dividing the frequency by factors of two. The second method is called ‘log’ frequencies using divisors of 10, 100, 1000, 10000, etc. The third method is to use randomly generated exact or near exact frequencies. These are often used to control the fundamental frequencies of a proprietary business secret, which were often used by Dr. Rife and others.

Even though many of the original ‘Rife’ frequencies used were very high, ranging in the hundreds of thousand to many millions of hertz, today the sub-harmonics are safely used to have significant effect at destroying pathogens while not harming the physical body. Many of the early Rife devices generated a 27 MHz AC carrier waveform (that is 27 MILLION pulses per second) and combines it with a DC waveform at varying frequencies. The high frequencies penetrate the body efficiently, but the anti- pathogenic effect is thought to be mostly the harmonics caused by the DC current.

Hulda Clark produced a ‘Zapper’ which is a single frequency generator which produces DC square waves of about 30 KHz (thirty thousand pulses per second). The lowest frequency given on her list of pathogens ranges from 70 KHz to 1 MHz (million pulses per second).

There have been a number of proposed theories as to how bioelectronic devices may work to fight illness. Some say the device may ‘reset’ or restore damaged cellular
communication. Optimizing cellular or organ function allows the body to better fight illness or disease-causing organisms.

Some say they provide a homeopathic stimulus to the body. Just like using sub- harmonics of frequencies, the traditional making of homeopathics involves successively diluting the agent again and again until none of the original substance remains except, in theory, its ‘signature’ or frequency of the substance. The more it is diluted, the stronger it seems to be.

Some bioelectronic devices could destroy DNA and RNA of microorganisms. Each DNA molecule has a resonant frequency. The simpler the life form, the lower the resonant frequency! Hulda Clark stated that human cells have a frequency well above 1MHz (million pulses per second) so if one stays in the lower frequencies (sub- harmonics) and limits power, there is not enough power to do damage to a human body.

If there are a small number of other types of RNA/DNA present, such as from bacteria, fungus, viruses, parasites, etc., the amount of energy available may be enough to destroy that lower vibrating organism, but does not harm the much higher vibrating human organism!

The use of frequencies in many systems today utilize frequencies at or below 9999 Hz (pulses per second). These are sub-harmonics used, far below the normal frequency range of the human body, which is usually 62-68 MHz (million pulses per second).

We can safely use frequencies below 10,000 Hz (pulses per second) to improve our health, yet not have any negative affect on the human body. These bioelectric machines will certainly affect the future of medicine in the decades to come as more and more people realize their utility and safety.

*Excerpts from ‘The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists’, third edition by Brian McInturff
Jane Smolnik is a Naturopathic Doctor, Iridologist, and an Instructor for Solas Academy. You may visit her website at for more info.

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