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Come Meet Jane Smolnik, ND, Iridologist


Natural, Holistic Preventive Care

Discover What Your Comprehensive Health Analysis will reveal…


  • Genetic strengths and weaknesses

  • Health of your organs, tissues, glands

  • Digestive weaknesses or challenges

  • Levels of toxicity, congestion

  • Hormones and Neuro-transmitters

  • Stress and it’s effect on your health

  • Cardiovascular, Immune health

  • Nutritional and assimilation deficiencies

  • Current pathology, Biological Aging…

  • and SO much more!


     What YOU need to THRIVE!

Comprehensive Health Analysis

Vital Scan HRV test 

~ Pulse test shows 12 screens  with valuable info.

Total Iridology Analysis 

~ Discover what the EYES reveal about YOU!  They are your Universal Blueprint.   

BioChemistry Analysis

~We can quickly see what your greatest concerns and deficiencies are.

Clinical Kinesiology

~See how kinesiology can pinpoint exactly what your body needs to Thrive! 


Invaluable for preventive healthcare!

Come to a FREE Presentation!

Dr. Jane Smolnik, Naturopath, Iridologist

Saturday March 11, 2017       

from 10 -11:00 am

Hosted by the

 ‘Wellness Movement Center’

1446 Brevard Rd.  Unit 102, Asheville

Ph: 828-667-9334 to reserve your spot.  Bring a friend and enjoy!

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