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Healing on the Deepest Levels

The rise of regenerative medicine is rapidly gaining momentum. We are working on cellular and lineage reprogramming which provides exciting potential. This goes much deeper than somatic therapies alone.

Can we truly reprogram a cell, or our DNA with our intention, energy, frequencies, as well as sacred geometry patterns?

Every single one of us brings with us our cellular memories of trauma’s, limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, and more. These patterns can cling to our DNA and create distortion or limitations in our creative abilities as a Divine Human.

We can have many old vows, wounds, trauma's, violence, karma, betrayals, doubts and fears that under lie our lives, even if we are not aware of them. They act as transparent ‘filters’ we create life through, often without seeing them.

We cannot carry these into the new 5D Higher Realm of Conscious Awareness that is open for us now as they weigh us down.

Now more than ever, we are at a time when EVERYONE is being called to clear out this old baggage. It is time to evolve to higher levels of being. Imagine clearing old karma, residual debris from past lives, ancestral vibrations, and more.

Much of this debris clings to our DNA and impacts our health and vitality, even our level of success. We have 34,000 bits of information in our DNA.

We are ENERGY bodies, as well as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies! What if you could conquer stress, restore your energy, lighten up, increase your creative power, abundance, and more?

What if you could overcome limitations, stuck patterns?

How about innate fears and trauma’s?

What if you could release the negative influences of emotions that are underlying cancers and other health conditions?

If EVERYTHING is ENERGY, then think of the impact we can have by identifying and eliminating these unwell energies.

Unhealed wounds from our ancestral past, as well as our own past lives, need to be brought to Light in order to release them. They no longer serve our highest good!

Are you living an unlimited life of magnificence and joy, with total self- expression and fulfillment? It is often hard to maintain those higher states of consciousness in this third dimensional reality. This reality can be very demanding, with all the drama, trauma's, chaos, limitations, and negative energy.

What if our real purpose is to transform and release those energies so we can raise our level of consciousness, manifest the life of our dreams, and assist others to do the same?

What if we could release this dense, sticky energy for good? It actually clings to our DNA and is often from our ancestry, as well as our previous lifetimes, buried deep in our unconscious mind.

These unhealed lower vibrating negative energies can bring down even the most inspired of us with these unresolved hidden influences. Are we stuck with them? NO. It is actually the best time now to release them. We are being supported energetically to complete this process and raise our vibration.

What if you could easily clear all mis-guided, repressed, and suppressed emotions, as well as the cellular memories from old trauma's, even inherited ones? This is powerful, sacred work! When you clear these negative patterns, you not only clear it for yourself, but also for all past and future generations, as well as the collective consciousness. When you heal or transform any aspect, it contributes to the whole.

Whatever area of your life is not working the way you would like, is a clear sign that you have some hidden negative influences. It might be chronic health issues, relationship problems, abundance blocks, limited success, or any repeating stressors. Do you even feel like you can only go so high, like there's a glass ceiling to something you would love to achieve?

I am finding people are being drawn to this like crazy right now! I love seeing and hearing about their transformations. And there is NO limit to how far we can take this. We clear more and expand further every single time!

Whatever you express, feel, say and believe is manifested in your reality and reflected back to you - always. We are magnificent, powerful creators, every one of us! When you transform and clear these limitations we live in a more gracious, loving, joyful manner and our consciousness rises. We have a clearer perception of reality. New skills and awareness help you express your highest self, contributes to greater personal power, and a more loving and life-sustaining world.

We often get glimpses of these higher states of awareness, but what if you could make them become more of the 'norm' for you? You would no longer be triggered by the denser emotions, stored fears, repeated inner challenges, and limiting beliefs. It is like cutting loose the tethered cords that hold us down, only able to go so high.

With Biofield Clearing we are healing more than just the physical domain. It addresses the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul levels. We tend to focus on the physical, yet our work may bring about changes in any dimension. The ripple effect will reach ALL dimensions, including the physical.

We invite your Higher Self, Angels, Guides, Ancestors, etc. to assist and direct the process for your inner healing. We use a variety of in-depth charts and dowsing techniques and allow them to identify what you are ready to release based on your area of concern.

We use ancient Egyptian Healing pendulums to create sacred geometry patterns and specific commands for deep healing. They are highly precise and therapeutically beneficial as they balance a person or place by transmitting the highest quality vibration. They may surround you with the protective shield of Golden Light. We can address health issues, relationship challenges, enhancement of energy, clear blocks and cords, overwrite negative energies. and environmental influences.

They can create a big energetic sphere around the person, or their energy field, and throw off all unwanted energy outside of the bubble, where it is neutralized by Universal Power.

It builds a beneficial Transformative Field.

It can be used to re-harmonize the whole physical and subtle energy bodies, clear and balance the chakra’s, clear EMF pollution, and clear people, spaces, energy from our field as it infuses it with highly beneficial positive energy.

This work is deeply inspiring, aligning you with your Highest and True Self. As we clear many items that are weighing us down, we can then transform and ascend to a higher vibration and level of creativity. I encourage everyone to experience this deeply healing inner work. It is truly healing at the core of our Soul.

Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, Certified Intuitive Healer with over 36 years of practice in the holistic health field. She is the creator of the Biofield Clearing technique. For personal sessions by phone (and recorded) please visit To learn this powerful technique she teaches online certification classes. Visit You may contact her at 828-777-JANE (5263).

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