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Releasing Unhealthy Patterns in your DNA

Can you reverse the patterns affecting your health and restore your true vitality? What if you could release all the stress built up in your energy field over the years? Can you clear it out, release toxic emotions, and old vibrational patterns from your family's genetics? Can you renew your youthfulness? DNA clearing is an important yet little understood part of the complete healing process.

DNA patterns

Perhaps you have been through many years of chronic stress, or perhaps some major stressors like divorce, family death, financial trauma, career change, or a major illness or injury. All of this stressful energy builds up and is stored in your DNA, your cellular memories and your energy field. The result is that you might not be sleeping as well, your digestion isn’t great, your body has gained weight and feels sluggish. Maybe your sex drive has diminished. Your immune system is also effected. Where did your energy go? You might be feeling like you are aging faster than ever.

So you have been trying to do all the right things. Eating better, eating less, avoiding certain foods, and getting more exercise to start changing things. But the changes are only temporary. You may even have tried a number of vitamins and supplements, which help rebalance your biochemistry, support what your body needs, and give you a boost of energy, but again the problems still persist. This is fine for setting a healthy foundation to to rebuild and renew itself. Cleansing is another thing that is essential for the physical body to eliminate the negative influences that impact it’s vitality - things like toxins, parasites, bacteria, viral infection pockets, yeast, mold, fungus, etc. But what about emotions, stressors, and genetic influences?

Are you addressing your emotional, mental and energetic bodies? They need support and healing to complete the process. This is not new-age woo-woo stuff as science is now understanding the importance of our bio-energy blueprint. Our bio-energy field is our eco-system, which includes the chakra’s and many other layers that are responsible for distributing life force energy to our physical anatomy.

I found that when I was experiencing adrenal fatigue from several years of chronic stress, I had to take about a year to rebuild myself to restore my vitality. My energy finally returned and before long I was very busy and doing too much, as is my nature. So once again, I fell into adrenal exhaustion, but this time I fell harder! I really crashed and it has taken longer this time to restore my energy. But I found the missing piece of the puzzle!

Even though I was eating well and taking great supplements to relax the stress response, rebuild my adrenal strength, antioxidants to release free radical damage, supporting my immune system, and sleep aids to support my body in rebuilding itself, it was still lingering. I couldn’t complete shake it. At best, I could manage it. Then I remembered some very helpful techniques that I was taught years ago in my energy healing training!

I started working on a technique to visually drain all the stress stored in my adrenals and other endocrine glands. Once cleared, I would also visualize beautiful healing energy streaming in to rebuild my glands, including my thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal glands to restore them.

I continued the process and went even further working on CLEARING all the debris that had built up on my DNA strands related to my health issues. There were many old patterns from my ancestors, family history, emotional memories, mental fears and doubts, and survival issues, that all contributed to the build up of stress and poor energy. Using some very effective techniques, I could completely clear this debris that looks like dark specs clinging to the DNA. I worked on the STEM CELLS of each area to thoroughly cleanse the old patterns and reactivated healthy DNA patterns, capped the telomere’s, sealing the fragmentary body, and restored my true health as it was meant to be.

Now I still eat well, get regular exercise, sleep much better, and take my vitamins and minerals, but I don’t have the need for a ton of supplements, and I don’t rely on naps or light therapy to give me energy. My vitality has returned! My energy field is clearer, and I love to use powerful affirmative prayers/words/vibrations to re-pattern my energy field and potentiate my DNA.

The transformation and healing that occurs is true and lasting. We can now heal the Stem Cells, clear allergies and brain fog, release pain and depression, fewer food cravings, addictions and sensitivities, less anxiety and more self-love! We can even heal childhood trauma’s, create healthier relationships, expand the consciousness and increase personal mastery. You name it, anything CAN be healed!

Having the right intention, desire and permission is essential. Also having someone who is skilled in helping you work directly with the DNA, energy (torsion) field, and stem cells can also be essential for effective results.

If these are new concepts to you, congratulations for reading this far! You might realize deep down that this intuitively feels right, or is needed. I see so many clients who have the same issues repeatedly, or come to find out what supplements to take to renew their health but don’t go any further.

Perhaps it feels too expensive. Have you considered the cost of being unhealthy? I’ve heard about some astronomical financial bills from clients, like someone who just went into the hospital overnight to find they only had an anxiety attack and it cost $8000! Other cases can cost $20,000 - $100,000+ by the time they are finished. I consider this, and a Comprehensive Health Analysis, an economical and intelligent solution for preventive and restorative health care.

Right now I am offering a special discount for my Advanced Energy Medicine sessions. Visit my website for the special code for 20% off now through the end of April. The price may be going up after that. This can easily be done LONG DISTANCE. You will see things start to really shift! Enjoy the NEW, more vibrant YOU!

Jane Smolnik, Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Iridologist, and Certified Intuitive Healer with 30 years experience in the holistic health field. She has a practice in Asheville, NC and works with people from all over the country. Please visit her websites for more info: and

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