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The POWER of Choice!

Did you know that CHOICE is the most powerful tool you have to create the life you want? It's more powerful than beliefs, thoughts, and feelings because your choice can supersede them and steer them in the direction of your will!

You make choices everyday, most of which you are not even conscious of. Many become habits and routines that we are unconscious of, on automatic pilot! But what if you could spend even one day making EVERY choice consciously? What would you choose?

Every choice you make has an impact on your life. Do you have a plan, direction set, or goals for the important things in your life? Consider things like your health, your fitness, your diet, your career and finances, your love relationships, your emotional and spiritual life, your social life, parenting and family, even just the quality of life you want. When you make clear choices, conscious decisions, every choice has an impact and ripples out to other areas of your life.

You can choose in every moment of your life, right now. The possibilities are endless! We may see our struggles in life and worry, or get stressed, not being able to see a way out. But what if I told you that what you are seeing is only 1% of reality. What if there is 99% more of unlimited possibilities available to you to choose from at any time?

What choice can you make right now to make your life better? When you realize you have the power to choose in any given situation, at any time, that choice has the power to change things INSTANTLY! When you expand your perspective, you open yourself to so many new possibilities. You CHOOSE. So why not choose wisely? Aren't you tired of choosing and experiencing the same things over and over? Step out of your 'comfort' zone and choose something better!

When you realize the real power of CHOICE you awaken to a new level of personal empowerment, responsibility, and self-determination. It's powerful and it's free, always available to you. The world is yours! Even taking small, baby steps, one foot in front of the other, and continuing to build momentum toward what you are choosing, can start everything changing for the better, instantly.

There are no 'right' or 'wrong' choices, but there are choices that serve you better, improving the quality of your life. You are a powerful creator, whether you realize it fully or not. Even just remembering the phrase 'I ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!' can free us from any stuck situations. Right NOW you can make a better choice!

How do you want to be? Loving and kind, or irritable and stressed? Healthy and energetic, or tired and in pain? Happy and grateful, or depressed and limited? Make a BETTER choice! Right now.

What truly makes you happy, makes your heart sing? Can you choose to move towards that? Can you choose to take better care of yourself? What does that mean to you? Sleeping better? Eating better? Taking better care of your daily needs, getting enough vitamins, more exercise? Whatever it is you need, recognize it and make it your choice! Even if you need support, help, or guidance with something, you can choose to have that as well.

Sometimes our mental and emotional states can greatly influence the quality of our choices. Just be aware and learn to 'observe yourself' - watch yourself when you are on automatic pilot and you will regain the ability to make a conscious choice. Meditation, reflecting, journaling, or brainstorming can help us open to new possibilities. Reading something inspirational always helps me.

Open yourself to a world of new possibilities, new doorways, new horizons, new people, new places, new success, new levels of love, joy, and health! The choice is yours. Awaken the power of choice, befriend it, use it more consciously, freely, wisely, and lovingly. No one can stop you. No one can do it for you. It's all up to you. Harness the power of this magical tool and you can create the life you truly want to experience and enjoy.

Jane Smolnik, is a Naturopathic Doctor and Iridologist based in Asheville, NC. Please visit her website at and www. for more info.

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