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Do You Know HOW Light Heals?

Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) are a form of light therapy that is a relatively recent outgrowth of the laser industry. LED's disperse light (red, blue, or infra-red) over a greater surface area: this tends to result in shorter session times with a greater affect. 'Pulsed Light', which uses frequencies, is the most profound, safe, non-invasive way to 'enligthen' your cells. (Every family should have one as a 'home health device', great for PETS too!)

Light therapy has been shown in over 50 years of independant research worldwide to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms. Visible red, blue, and 'invisible' infra-red light effect at least 24 positive changes at the cellular level. Light therapy causes biological effects because different wavelengths are absorbed by specific proteins, at different depths. Read on... I'll explain how it works.

Whether you relax and wrap yourself in your easy chair at home, or in one of our 'zero gravity' chairs at the office while listening to a soothing audio session with headphones, our Light Systems deliver complete Octave frequencies of Light Energy. Merging with state of the art Quantum frequencies, we use the Nogier frequencies for physical health, Solfeggio frequencies for emotional and spiritual balancing, Zero-Point frequencies for stillness and stress release, the Schumann Wave connecting us to the earth and balancing the harmful effects of EMF pollution from electronical signals and devices. We can now even add personalized frequencies for your specific health needs!

Dr. Paul Nogier, a French Neurologist who discovered the healthy frequencies of organs, glands and tissues, states:

"Sickness results when cells, molecules, or particles of matter are out of their normal resonance or vibratory pattern. By repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal resonance associated with that tissue, healing often occurs, sometimes quite rapidly!"

LIGHT will quickly carry the information of the frequencies into the cells and tissues of the body to restore healthy cellular function. The wavelength of RED LED's go into the organs, glands, and soft tissue of the body. INFRA-RED wavelengths go into the denser tissues like bones, teeth, cartlidge, muscles, ligaments, etc. BLUE light efects the surface and just underneath, excellent for skin and collagen, but is also know to be highly anti-bacterial, even showing it's effects in destroying MRSA, the antibiotic resistant 'super bug'.

I started using LIght Therapy in my practice about 7 years ago, after using lasers for a period of time. Once I tried the light system with several pads holding 500 LED's, I could just relax and enjoy the session, and found it produced a much greater effect than I had using several lasers at a time! It was more cost effective and less labor intensive, but also more responsive. I was amazed at how quickly people's bodies were responding to the LIGHT! Results were much faster than just using nutrients, herbs and supplements over a period of time. It instantly increased the nitric oxide release in the body resulting in increased circulation, reduced pain and inflammation, stronger immune system, and more. I now use more pads with over 1000 LED's and use custom frequency sweeps for balancing a wide variety of conditions!

So using Light Therapy over a period of time will quickly help rebalance your body systems, relax the stress response, improve circulation, and restore homeostasis. We can even test before and after with the Vital Scan HRV test which measutes 300 pulses and shows us the effects of stress, cardiovascular health, neuro-hormonal regulation, psycho-emotional health, aging of the body, meridians, Dosha's, chakra's, and more! GUESS WHAT? Everything improves after a Light Therapy session!

I now offer you $25 OFF to come try your first LIGHT session! Regularly $75, but mention this article and it is only $50 for the BEST, most energizing and most relaxing session you have ever experienced! IF you like it, you may decide to come back for more. You can now purchase a series of either 4 or 8 sessions for a greatly reduced rate, OR purchase your own PURE or PREMIER Light Therapy system for personal use at home! GIve us a call today! Or visit our website at: and go to our Light Therapy page!

Jane Smolnik, ND, Iridolgist, is also an instructor for Solas Academy teaching the Advanced Certification classes for Light Therapy. Call her today at 828-777-5263 for your appointment, or schedule online at

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